New Release: Singing the Songs of Jesus by Michael LeFebvre

For many Christians today, the idea of singing the Psalms seems like a foreign concept or a novel idea. But the Psalms were actually composed for singing. In Old and New Testament times, and throughout Church history, congregations sang and treasured the Psalms. In Singing the Songs of Jesus: Revisiting the Psalms, Michael LeFebvre explains why the Psalms were so treasured throughout the history of the Church.

Without shying away from difficulties, like the doubts and curses of the Psalms, LeFebvre shows just how all the Psalms function as hymns for Christ-centered worship, suitable for Christian praise. This book promises to equip churches today to use the Psalms for powerful and relevant worship.

LeFebvre starts out by examining the role of the book of Psalms: is it a hymnal of praise to God, or a book written primarily to us about God? He then surveys the Bible and Church history as he unpacks the significant role the Psalter has played for the people of God down through the ages. At the heart of the book is LeFebvre’s discussion about how the psalms are really “songs of Jesus”. He shows that the Psalms were often on Jesus’ lips, and that the New Testament authors repeatedly found Christ in the Psalms. The Psalms are songs we sing with Jesus, viewing Him as central to their message and standing behind His fulfillment of their themes.

LeFebvre rounds out the book by examining the Psalms which call us to repent and which call forth curses on the unbelievers. He investigates whether even these Psalms can be seen as “songs of Jesus”, too. The final chapter addresses how singing Psalms is different than singing praise songs or hymns. He explains the meditative effect that singing the Psalms is intended to have on the Church.

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About the Author:
Michael LeFebvre is pastor of Christ Church Reformed Presbyterian Church in the western suburbs of Indianapolis. He previously studied Old Testament Law at PHD Level at Aberdeen University. He is married to Heather and they have four children.

Praise for Singing the Songs of Jesus:
“LeFebvre enriches the church with wisdom regarding the vital role that singing Psalms has in the worship.” ~ Anthony T. Selvaggio, author and visiting professor of Biblical Studies at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh

“…it will prove a learning experience for our congregations, but the dimensional richness the Psalms afford would be well worth the effort.” ~ John D. Hannah, Distinguished Professor of Historical Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary

“…if you want the key to understanding what you sing, you should read this book .” ~ Kenneth Stewart, Minister of Dowanvale Free Church of Scotland, Glasgow

“LeFebvre’s book is scholarly and readable. It provides a wonderful incentive to ‘Sing the Psalms, again’.” ~ Jonathan Fletcher, Vicar of Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon, London

“…we can’t afford to neglect this divinely inspired song book that God has given us.” ~ Donald W. Sweeting, President and Professor of Church History, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

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