New Release — Planting for the Gospel: A Hands-on Guide to Church Planting by Graham Beynon

To some planting a church seems an impossible dream; others have entirely unrealistic ideals of how easily it can be done. Graham Beynon in Planting for the Gospel draws from his own experience at church planting and provides a clear and concise handbook which covers the how and why of church planting.

This helpful guide recognizes that no church starts out the same and that there are several different models that can be followed. Several real-world case studies from a wide range of settings make this book a tremendously practical and helpful introduction to church planting. It will lay the blueprint for how a group of Christian people, a church, can become committed to one another; pray, learn and grow together; and seek to become a healthy, flourishing and biblically grounded church.

For ordering information, and to learn more about this book, go to the book detail page at Christian Focus.

About the Author:
Graham Beynon has had experience in church planting, having started the Avenue Community Church in Leicester, England. In addition to being involved in church ministry in Cambridge, he is currently studying for a doctorate while also acting as Course Director for “Team” (Training for East Anglia Ministry).

Praise for Planting for the Gospel:
“It is simple without being simplistic. Accessible without being predictable. Useful without being boring. Informative without being prescriptive. Graham Beynon has done us all a huge favour in writing this, and I very much hope it helps provide an effective way into one of the most pressing and urgent needs of our day – the littering of our world with communities of light, aka. churches!” ~ Steve Timmis, Director of Acts 29 Network in Western Europe, and co-author of Total Church

“This little book will introduce you to the many different ways that people go about planting churches. Given that the Church is God’s chosen instrument to save the world, what could be more important than learning about how new churches can begin?” ~ Adrian Warnock, blogger,

“Christians can easily ascribe to Graham Beynon’s desire: “to see God glorified by his gospel being spread and his church growing”. But we often do not see as he does the consequence of such a desire: “This will inevitably mean more churches and so church planting”. And even when we see that inevitability, we often do not see the complexities of the task. Graham has done a great service by teasing out some of the many issues involved in church planting. I warmly commend this book to all who would like to follow through on the inevitable outcome of their evangelistic desire.”
~ Phillip Jensen, Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, Australia

“The goal of Planting for the Gospel is that Jesus would use us to build His church for His glory. Graham Beynon provides a series of preliminary ideas to encourage us to think of church planting as a fruitful means for making disciples and spreading the Gospel. This resource is very helpful for mother churches to think strategically about planting a daughter church and also for young pastors to explore their calling in following the will of God as bearer of God’s mission to people of all nations.” ~ Scott Thomas, President, Acts 29 Network

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