Christian Focus Across the Web – April 22, 2011

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If you are a regular reader of the Christian Focus BookNotes blog, you have already been introduced to Graham Beynon’s recent release, which we mentioned earlier this week in a post titled: New Release — Planting for the Gospel: A Hands-on Guide to Church Planting by Graham Beynon.   This book has received a bit of attention in the blogosphere and we wanted to point you to a couple of recent reviews.

‘Planting for Christ’ is not the definitive volume on church planting. It doesn’t try to be. And I’m not going to criticise a book for not being what it’s not trying to be! That would be absurd. Graham’s aim in this book is much more straightforward. He writes, ‘my simple hope is that this will aid anyone and any church wanting to think about planting a new church’ p10. It does that, brilliantly.
-Richard Perkins – The Urban Pastor Blog

Richard’s full review is available here: LINK

Overall, the book is a positive and brief introduction to church planting, perhaps best for helping enthuse unconvinced church leaders/members of the need to think about planting. The questions at the end of each chapter would also make it suitable for discussion in a homegroup setting. Personally, I was encouraged most by the case studies – testimonies that Jesus is indeed still building his church in the UK and beyond!
-Andy Toovey – Reaching the Unreached Blog

Andy’s full review is available here: LINK

For ordering information, and to learn more about this book, go to the book detail page at Christian Focus.


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