Christian Focus Across the Web – May 6, 2011

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlight is below:

50% off of Feminine Threads:  Women in the Tapestry of Christian History by Diana Lynn Severance

From commoner to queen, the women in this book embraced the freedom and the power of the Gospel in making their unique contributions to the unfolding of history. Wherever possible, the women here speak for themselves, from their letters, diaries or published works. The true story of women in Christian history inspires, challenges and demonstrates the grace of God producing much fruit throughout time.

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Review of Peril and Peace, Volume 1: Chronicles of the Ancient Church at Aslan’s Library

Earlier this week Sarah shared her review of Peril & Peace, Volume 1: Chronicles of the Ancient Church at Aslan’s Library.  Here is a brief excerpt from her review:

The Withnows’ book is historically solid (just check the bibliography at the end!) and clearly animated by a love for the saints who have gone before. I think I won’t be waiting another year to read the next one.

Your can read the review in its entirety here:  LINK

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  • Excellent review! Our family has also enjoyed this series though my oldest is only eight. Honestly, we love all of the biographies that Christian Focus has published. That being said, I do think that the Gospel message is a little clearer in some of their other biographies. However, I’ve told my friends that if they can only afford a limited number of titles, this series will get them through the bulk of church history nicely. It is a great series for children that will whet their appetite to further investigate those men and women whom God has used to further His Kingdom. May our children grow in their knowledge of God that they may also be able to stand firm for Him!