Notable and Quotable: Roger Carswell

Towering above the rest of humanity stands one Man whose life, death and influence have had a greater impact than any other. For 2,000 years men and women have traveled the world to make this Man known. Millions today esteem, trust and follow Him, not because of compulsion but out of love. His life has never been equaled.

I would love to know what Jesus looked like, to hear His voice, to eavesdrop as He gave thanks before a meal, to watch Him as He spoke to children, or even see Him playing as a child, but we don’t have these details. In reality, they are not important. But who He is and what He accomplished in His life, death and resurrection are of utmost importance. According to the bible, it is how we respond to Him that will determine our whole eternity.

Excerpted from Who is Jesus? by Roger Carswell (Christian Focus, 2011)

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