New Releases from Christian Focus – July 2011

Unseen Realities:  Heaven, Hell, Angels and Demons by R.C. Sproul

The concept of the invisible spiritual realm is something which is difficult for us to grasp. What we can see, hear, and feel we can take on face value that it is reality. But what about those things that are unseen? Scripture speaks about heaven, hell, angels and demons which are a part of this invisible spiritual realm. Internationally renowned Bible teacher R. C. Sproul helps us gain an understanding of these things so that we can come to a realization that in fact all four are true realities that impact upon our everyday lives.

Radical Love in a Broken World by Ron Nikkel
Ron like many in Prison Fellowship International  stepped out from his comfort zone to share the message that God cares even in the place of conflict, pain and guilt. He seeks to present a message to them that Jesus had also gone through intense, severe, undeserved suffering but yet did not retaliate. Read the story of how these radical believers dare to make difference.


Airborne:  Getting Your Faith Off the Ground by Jose Zayas
The ride of your life. In Airborne, Jose Zayas compares the journey of the Christian faith to an airplane journey. Following Jesus is a great adventure-taking you to places you’ve never seen or could even dream of. Jesus’ invitation to his followers begins with a simple call-come and follow. In Airborne, you’ll meet real people who answered that call and got on board for the journey of a lifetime. This could be your story too. So take a seat, buckle up and get ready for the flight of your life. Life taken to gravity-defying altitudes!

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