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Throughout history God has used many Christian believers to guard His word in order to ensure that more and more people are able to hear about the only true salvation through Jesus Christ. In an age when so many people question the historicity and reliability of the Bible, it is ever more important that we get the word of God into the hearts of our children and strive to help them understand how the Bibles we treasure today came into being. Christian believers before our time did not always have ready access to God’s word and its preservation often came at a great price. One tool that will be very useful for helping to communicate this aspect of church history to your children is Guarding the Treasure: How God’s People Preserve God’s Word by Linda Finlayson. This first book in the new Defenders of the Faith series shares the stories of the people God used throughout history to write, translate, and disseminate His word.

Readers will learn about Athanasius, Jerome, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, and many others.  Their stories are presented in a way that is exciting and fun to read, which will keep children engaged as they learn about these important figures from church history. In addition to the biographical material covered in the book, readers will also learn how books were written in ancient times as well as how the old and New Testament canons were formed. And if that isn’t enough to get you excited about reading this book, there are also a number of additional features that will be especially useful for those wanting to using this book in a home school or other educational setting. Each of the major chapters close with an “fyi” section that explains an important aspect of the chapter in greater detail. At the back of the book, readers will find other useful features such as a glossary for words that may be new to younger readers, a bibliography for the resources used to put together the book, maps outlining many of the important places mentioned in the book, and finally a timeline outlining the many great events that make up the path that was taken to preserve God’s word throughout history.

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About the Author:

Linda Finlayson is a Canadian living in the Philadelphia area of the USA. She has enjoyed working with children in schools, churches and children’s clubs. Bringing together her love of books, children and history has given her the opportunity to write the adventure stories of real people. Linda is married and has one son.

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