Christian Focus Across the Web – August 26, 2011

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

Guarding the Treasure Blog Tour Wrap Up – This past week we held a blog tour for Guarding the Treasure:  How God’s People Preserve God’s Word by Linda Finlayson.  Many thanks to the reviewers who participated.  Their reviews are featured below:

Jeremy Barker –
Kim Shay –
Chris Land –
Mandy Johnson –
Elizabeth Hankins –

Tim Challies on Unseen Realities by R.C. Sproul – Here’s a bit of what Tim had to say about Unseen Realities:  Heaven, Hell, Angels And Demons:

Dr. Sproul remains one of my favorite teachers and in this small volume—a collection of selected writings on the topics—he helps us understand those things that we must believe even without being able to see or touch them. He shows how these things truly matter and how they necessarily impact our lives in the here and now.

Tim’s full post is available here:  LINK
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