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ā€œNo one in his generation did more to help people, and especially students, to understand the Bible, to love the Bible and to obey it. His memorial is in many lives and in many pulpits throughout the world.ā€

So declared the Inter-Varsity Fellowship annual report on the death in July 1971 of Alan Stibbs who, for more than thirty years, exercised an influential ministry as a Bible expositor and cogent teacher of Christian doctrine.

After returning from the mission field in China in the mid-1930s, he played a significant part in the resurgence of conservative evangelicalism in Britain after World War Two – alongside other leaders like Martyn Lloyd-Jones and John Stott.

As vice principal of Oak Hill College in north London, Stibbs aimed to revive biblical preaching and biblical thinking across the country. His powerful sermons made a profound impact upon countless congregations and his pithy writings helped to stimulate the rebirth of a robust evangelical theology.

Evangelical leader John Stott said of him, “Alan Stibbs was a voice crying in the wilderness, a lonely evangelical scholar in a sea of liberalism. We owe him much.” And Dr. J.I. Packer thought that, “Alan Stibbs was for many years the best theological mind serving British evangelicals….” Even after his death, Stibbs continues to influence the church at large through his writings.

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