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Christian Focus Across the Web – January 27, 2012

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

  History Lives Series on Sale for Kindle – Be sure to take advantage of the limited time sale price on the History Lives series by Brandon and Mindy Withrow.
Win Daniel: Trusting the True Hero by Sean Michael Lucas – Enter to win a copy of Daniel: Trusting the True Hero by Sean Michael Lucas in our January book giveaway on the Christian Focus Booknotes blog.
  Win George Whitefield: The Voice that Woke The World by Lucille Travis – Enter to win a copy of George Whitefield: The Voice that Woke The World by Lucille Travis in our January book giveaway on the Christian Focus 4 Kids blog.

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New Release – In the Firing Line by Craig Rennie

The Story of Doug Mackay continues in this new release for the Freestyle Fiction series. An exciting read for kids ages 12+.

Deep down Doug knew what he had to do as he accepted the ball from the big defender and headed towards the box. Twelve yards – that was all that separated him from putting his terrible season behind him and completely turning things around. He had played well tonight, he knew that, but if he didn’t score it would all be for nothing. In a matter of seconds he would either be a hero or a villain.

His pulse quickened as he took a step back from the ball and waited for the whistle. There was no hiding place – floodlights, cameras and the eyes of football fans everywhere were on him. The whistle blew. Drawing one last breath he launched forward, striking the ball with all his power, and then watching as it sailed up, up, and over the crossbar.

Doug’s glittering career seems to be taking a nose dive – and the plans for his life are not what he had hoped for, but is something else going on behind the scenes? Doug’s poor scoring record may not be the only reason he is sent packing to the first division. Are Doug’s plans being thwarted by someone else’s plot? A plot that cares nothing about other people … even whether they live or die?

About the Author:
Craig Rennie is the son of Cliff Rennie – the original author of the Doug Mackay series. Craig works in the video games industry in Germany and is keen on writing, illustrating and football.

Related Books:

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The Priority of Preaching Blog Tour

This week we have several bloggers participating in a blog tour for The Priority of Preaching by Christopher Ash. Links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

About the Book:
“This little book is written for ordinary ministers who preach regularly to ordinary people in ordinary places… Most of us preach in gatherings that are smaller than we would wish and tougher than we might have hoped when we entered pastoral ministry… There is a voice on our shoulders who whispers as we prepare, and then as we preach, ‘Is it really worth it?” (From The Introduction)

Christopher Ash tell us that it is worth it. More than that, he sets out a charter for preaching that draws from the very roots of the Old Testament – showing us that nothing in the world is more worthwhile – for preaching is God’s strategy to rebuild a broken world.

About the Author:
Christopher Ash is an ordained minister in the Anglican Church and Director of the Cornhill Training Course, a one-year course designed to provide Bible-handling and practical ministry skills to those exploring their future role in Christian work.

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January Book Giveaway – Daniel: Trusting the True Hero by Sean Michael Lucas

Our January Book Giveaway features Daniel: Trusting the True Hero by Sean Michael Lucas.

About the Book:
Dare to Trust in Daniel’s God! What brings you to the book of Daniel? Is it the moral example of Daniel and his robust faith? Or is it because you want to dig further into the prophetic material that speaks of the end times? Primarily the book tells you about Daniel’s God. Lucas suggests rather than daring to be a Daniel, we should dare to trust in Daniel’s God. This book will help you as you learn more about Daniel’s God and why you too can trust him in every circumstance. Daniel was called to be a blessing even in exile and to avoid defilement in a pagan world. Such is God’s call to you today so that you may honor God and put him first in your heart and life.

About the Author:
Sean Lucas is the Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Prior to this, he was Chief Academic Officer and associate professor of church history at Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. He received BA and MA degrees from Bob Jones University and the PhD degree from Westminster Theological Seminary. Sean is active in social media, follow him on Twitter  and Facebook.

How to Enter:

  • Complete the form at the end of this post.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This contest is limited to residents of the 48 state continental United States and the UK.
  • The contest will run through end of day January 31, 2011.
  • After the contest closes, we will choose 2 winners, who will each receive 1 copy of the book.

This contest is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

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History Lives Series Available for Kindle and On Sale

We’re excited to announce that the History Lives series is now available for Kindle and are each available for a very special price through the end of the month. Click on your respective Amazon retailer below to take advantage of this spectacular deal.

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New Release – Amos: An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Message by T. J. Betts

The latest addition to the popular Focus on the Bible series is Amos: An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary message by T. J. Betts.

Amos had no claim to fame. He was not even a son of a prophet. Neither had he any formal training to be a prophet. Yet God called him out from a career of overseeing Herdsman. He was sent out from the south to bring the Lord’s message to Samaria in the Northern Kingdom. Amos, called to speak at the time of national disunity; military superiority; economic prosperity and religious activity. Amos brings home the idea of a famine. However it is not food the people lack like we might expect but there is a famine of the Word of God. Through this study we will be reminded of the importance of the Word of God in our lives.

Praise for Amos: An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Message:

“Books on the Old Testament tend to be either technical and tedious or superficial and moralistic. Once in a while we discover one that breaks the mould. T. J. Betts has done it! He tells us not only what Amos means but also why it matters. He proves again that the expositor’s task is not to make the Bible relevant, but to simply show how relevant it is!”
Alistair Begg ~ Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

“What a wonderful gift to the pastor who wants to allow the text of Scripture to drive his sermon. T.J. Betts’ commentary will be ready at hand when I prepare to teach from the prophet Amos. It is a treasure trove for the serious expositor.”
Daniel L. Atkin ~ President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, North Carolina

“T. J. Betts comes to the text of Amos with a scholarly mind and a pastoral heart. His judgments about the text are carefully considered and sound, and his prose is warm and direct. Pastors who have found the task of preaching from the prophets daunting will discover in this volume helpful material for historical background, theological interpretation, and homiletical application.”
Duane Garrett ~ John R. Sampey Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

“I have known T. J. Betts for a number of years. He was raised in a pastor’s home, and he is a pastor/scholar who writes for the local church. Using personal illustrations and practical applications in this commentary, he shows how the writings of an eighth-century B.C. prophet still speak to the 21st century church.”
Chuck Lawless ~ Vice-President for Global Theological Advance, International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention, Crestwood, Kentucky

Amos: An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Message is available at your local Christian book store. Here are a few of the places you can purchase it online:, Monergism Books,,, or

A complete list of all books in the Focus on the Bible series can be found here: LINK.

About the Author:
T. J. Betts serves as an Assistant Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at Boyce College. Before becoming an Assistant Professor at Boyce College, Dr. Betts served adjunctively both at Boyce and Southern Seminary in the areas of Hebrew and Old Testament. He is a fifth generation Baptist minister who has pastored three churches in Ohio and Indiana for over 14 years. Dr. Betts has authored Ezekiel the Priest: A Custodian of Tora as well as a number of articles and essays and is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Related Books from Christian Focus Publications:

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Christian Focus Across the Web – January 20, 2011

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

How to Influence a Younger Christian – Justin Taylor – Gospel-centered discipleship employs both show and tell. In his little book From the Resurrection to His Return: Living Faithfully in the Last Days (Christian Focus), Carson asks: “Do you ever say to a young Christian, ‘Do you want to know what Christianity is like? Watch me!’ If you never do, you are unbiblical.” Read Justin’s full blog post at his Between Two World blog hosted at The Gospel Coalition web site.

Buy the Book:


“God’s Gracious Law” – The Christian Pundit – William VanDoodewaard recently shared a great article reflecting on some of the current debates and discussions about the relationship of God’s grace and His law (and the relationship of justification and sanctification) in the evangelical and Reformed community. In the article he recommends some excellent resources including From the Finger of God (Christian Focus, 2010) and The Marrow of Modern Divinity (Christian Heritage, 2009). You can read the post in its entirety at William’s blog, The Christian Pundit.

 Buy the Book:

Buy the Book:


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New Release – The Life of Jesus by Carine Mackenzie

Who is Jesus? What did he do? What is he really like? Have you ever asked questions like these? Do you want to know more about Jesus and all the things he said and did? This book will help you find out more than that. It will tell you what he is doing now and how you can get to know him. The Life of Jesus by Carine Mackenzie is great for reading aloud to children ages 4-6. Children ages 7-10 will be able to read this story by themselves. We hope you enjoy the preview of chapters 1 and 2 featured below.

The Life of Jesus Chapters – 1-2

The Life of Jesus is available at your local Christian book store. Here are a few of the places where you can purchase it online:, or Learn more about the book at

About the Author:

Carine Mackenzie’s talent for retelling Bible stories has meant that children from all over the world have been given the opportunity to discover Jesus Christ for themselves. The first title written in the kitchen with the assistance of a basin of water has inspired the production of many other books. Carine now has more than 150 different titles in print.

Recent CF4K books by Carine Mackenzie:

You can see a full list of Carine’s books published by Christian Focus here:  LINK.

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Recommended Review: Building on the Rock Series

Many thanks to John and Kimberly Wallace ( for their gracious review of The Building on the Rock Series. Their review is featured in its entirety below:

Our family has its traditions, things we have developed over the past nearly 12 years of marriage and nine and half years of child rearing. Perhaps the tradition I pleasure in most is our evening schedule of books and devotions. We are easily enthralled by a good story. In fact, if one of us were not equally passionate about a consistent bedtime, stories would go on well into the night.

Occasionally a product comes along which blends story time and family devotions in a special way. One such product is The Building on the Rock Series edited by Dr. Joel R. Beeke and Diana Kleyn and published by Christian Focus Publications.

This series has five books each with 26 to 36 stories of varying length which can easily be used nightly for about five months without repetition, although, in our case the boys were delighted to have a story for morning devotions as well. In the first volume, Beeke and Kleyn explain that “All of the Christian stories contained in these books are based on true happenings,” and as such they add to the excitement of coming to the resolution of each story. Each story ends with a few devotional questions and Scripture references to look up and read with your children.

In the back of each book there are a series of indexes, such as Prayer Points, Scripture Index, and Answers to Questions.  The answers to devotional questions are helpful just in case one finds it difficult to provide answers to the child(ren). The authors describe Prayer Points as:

“…written as helps to prayer and are not to be used as prayers themselves. Reading these pointers should help the child or the family to think about issues connected with the story that need prayer in their own life, the life of their church or the world. Out of the two prayer points written for each story, one prayer point is written specifically for those who have saving faith while the other point is written in such a way that both Christians and non-believers will be brought to pray about their sinful nature and perhaps ask God for His salvation or thank Him for His gift of it.”

There are two themes in each volume so that in the course of reading these books with your children 10 major themes will be covered.

  1. How God Used A Thunderstorm – Themes: Living For God and The Value of Scripture
  2. How God Stopped The Pirates – Themes: Missionary Tales and Remarkable Conversions
  3. How God Used A Snowdrift – Themes: Honoring God and Dramatic Rescues
  4. How God Used A Drought And An Umbrella – Themes: Faithful Witnesses and Childhood Faith
  5. How God Sent A Dog To Save A Family – Themes: God’s Care and Childhood Faith

While these are the broad themes of each volume, the child is actually learning the nature of God and man. Through these stories the child finds God to be a trustworthy and consistent God full of all power and all knowledge yet merciful and gracious. The stories glorify the God of all creation who has a good and perfect plan and who is willing and able to carry out His plan in the lives of His creation. The stories show God who is swift to destroy the wicked and yet patient with sinners whom He loves. These and many more attributes of our great God are played out on the pages of The Building on the Rock Series.

While the true nature of God is being demonstrated to your children, the true nature of mankind is played out as well. Stories need not be graphic in any negative sense to convey the depth of depravity which resides in the heart of every natural born person. Therefore, from the small child in “Becky’s Prayer” who asks her mother “Mommy, am I born to die?” to “The Little Chimney Sweep’s Prayer”: “God be merciful to me a sinner,” your children learn that they too need the mercy of God in their lives.

The stories throughout this series provide a great springboard for the gospel and discipleship in the lives of children. In this series, you and your child will be confronted with the real substance of life and the fact that we have a great God.

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Christian Focus Across the Web – January 13, 2012

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

Review of ‘Just the Way I Am’ by Alice @– ‘Just the Way I Am: God’s Good Design in Disability’ is a beautiful coffee-table book illustrating God’s providence and sovereignty in lives affected and impacted by disability. Inspirational verses and pictures show God’s good design in disability and how it can be embraced as positive and God honouring. Many thanks to Alice for taking the time to review this wonderful new book. Here’s a bit of what she had to say:

“I would recommend this book as a great conversation starter both for adults and children. It would be a brilliant book to use with Sunday Club groups to help them think more about including children with disabilities and it is a book beautiful enough to be left out on show and dipped into. On a personal note, it’s encouraged me to remember that God is still good and still in control even when I’m finding things hard because of the impact disability has on us as a family.”

Alice’s full review can be found at  More information on ‘Just the Way I Am’ can be found at

Mez McConnell interview with Mark Dever – This past week, we’ve mentioned Mez McConnell’s autobiography, ‘Is There Anybody Out Here?,’ which we’ve recently released in its second edition.  We highly commend the interview he did with Mark Dever back in 2010 sharing the story of how God rescued him from a life of drugs and violence and sent him to preach the gospel in inner-city Edinburgh, Scotland.  The interview is available as a free download from the 9Marks web site:  LINK. More information on ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ can be found at

Christian Focus Publications featured in Tim Challies’ Free Stuff Friday Giveaway – Be sure to visit Tim Challies’ blog today and enter for a chance to win some great new books from Christian Focus Publications in his Free Stuff Friday Giveaway.  The books in today’s giveaway are:

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