Christian Focus Across the Web – March 3, 2012

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

The Work of the Pastor by William StillWil Owens recommends ‘The Work of the Pastor’ by William Still – Earlier this week, Wil Owens ( shared a recommendation for William Still’s ‘The Work of the Pastor.’ Here’s a bit of what Wil had to say:

“The Work is a great encouragement, challenge, and reminder for all pastors. Even though Still cautions us to not spend all of our time reading books, this is one that would be profitable to read during your “study” time.”

You can read Wil’s full recommendation on his blog, If you’d like to purchase your own copy of ‘The Work of the Pastor,’ it is available both as a paperback (Amazon, WTSBooks, Monergism, Christian Focus)  and e-book (Amazon, Monergism).


Sarah And Paul Go on Holiday Again by Derek PrimeChristopher Larson gives Derek Prime’s Sarah and Paul series an “A” – Christopher Larson has put together a spring break book list on his There & Blog Again blog. He rated the six titles in the Sarah and Paul series with “A=Great book. Get it. Nothing questionable at all.” Christopher’s complete spring break book list is available here: LINK. You can learn more about the books in the Sarah and Paul series at


Helpful Truth in Past Places by Mark A Deckard ‘Helpful Truth in Past Places’ named in RPM Ministries’ Top 9 Books on the History of Pastoral Counseling/Biblical Counseling – Dr. Bob Kelleman (RPM Ministries) included Mark A. Deckard’s ‘Helpful Truth in Past Places: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Counseling’ in RPM Ministries’ list of the top 9 books on the history of pastoral counseling/biblical counseling. The full list of books is available here: LINK. You can learn more about ‘Helpful Truth in Past Places’ at

Peril and Peace E-bookChristian Focus E-books Available from Monergism Books – If you’re looking for e-books from Christian Focus Publications, be sure to check out Monergism Books. Monergism carries of large selection of our titles, both print and e-book.

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