Christian Focus Across the Web – March 9, 2012

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

Women of Faith And Courage by Vance ChristieVance Christie interviewed on Lifeline with Kurt Goff– Christian Focus author Vance Christie was interviewed on February 20, 2012 about his book Women of Faith and Courage on Lifeline with Kurt Goff. If you didn’t catch the interview, you can download it here: LINK. For more information on Women of Faith and Courage and other books by Vance Christie, visit

Zach Schlegel Reviews Finally Alive – Zach Schlegel presents a unique review / open letter to church leaders explaining why they should read Finally Alive by John Piper (Christian Focus, 2009). We strongly encourage you to read Zach’s unique review which can be found at For more information on Finally Alive and other books by John Piper, visit

The Trials of Theology E-bookChristian Bookshop Ossett Joins Growing List of Christian Focus E-book Resellers – Back in December 2012 we announced that many of our books are now available as e-books. You can see that original post here:  LINK. We’re excited to announce that Christian Bookshop Ossett, UK has recently joined our growing list of e-book resellers. Learn more about Christian Bookshop Osset at

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