New Releases from CF4K – March / April 2012

Knowing God: Scripture Memory Book 1 by N A WoychukKnowing God: Scripture Memory Book 1 by N. A. Woychuk
There is one person you need to know – he is the most important person that you will ever know. God. He is the God of the Bible. The eternal creator, with unlimited power, infinite love and amazing grace. He is unchanging, truthful and here today, in his word, for you to know as your Lord and king. The eighty-four verses that you will learn Knowing God: Scripture Memory Book 1 are arranged into twelve assignments for you to work through. As you memorize these passages you will be studying the great truths about God himself.

History Lives Box Set by Mindy and Brandon WithrowHistory Lives Box Set by Mindy Withrow & Brandon Withrow
A beautifully packaged box set of the highly recommended ‘History Lives’ series at a special price. Volumes included in the set are:

On Fire and other Bible Stories you got to hear by Irene HowatOn Fire and Other Stories You’ve Got to Hear by Irene Howat
Watch out – these stories are H…H…Hot! Each one is about fire – but there’s not a matchstick or a marshmallow in sight! They are all from the bible and show how God has used fire throughout scripture in a variety of ways. He used fire to get Moses to pay attention. He used it to help the Israelites find their way through the dark. He used it to keep Adam and Eve out of the garden. But fire also appears in the New Testament… soldiers with torches arrest Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. Peter warms himself by some flames while at the same time he denies the Lord Jesus. Jesus himself cooks a fish Barbie on the beach after his resurrection and the Holy Spirit comes down on the disciples at Pentecost with tongues of flame.

Books Ablaze and other historical stories you've got to hear by Irene HowatBooks Ablaze and Other Historical Stories You’ve Got to Hear by Irene Howat
Sniff sniff… am I smelling burning? No it’s not dinner – there are some bonfires in this book. Books were amongst some of the things set alight during church history. In fact flames were used to persecute Christians throughout church history. Their possessions and homes were set alight. Christians were even killed and burned for their faith. But there was one fire that didn’t happen – on the 5th of November 1605 Guy Fawkes and others decided to set fire to the Houses of Parliament in the United Kingdom. Irene Howat tells the Christian story behind this and other incidents in history. You will see how not even fire or the plans of evil men can separate Christians from the Love of God.

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