Books Change Lives – The Deep Black Pond At No. 12 by Catherine Mackenzie

Deep Black Pond At No. 12: Tammy and Jake Learn About Health and Sickness by Catherine MacKenzieAs a publisher of Christian books, one of our greatest joys is to hear stories of how lives have been impacted through our books. We hope you’ll be as encouraged as we were by what follows below:

Two children sat down on the settee one evening, a book between them, a sister and her little brother. The girl liked to read, the boy liked to have stories read to him. The Deep Dark Pond at Number 12 was about some children who lived at Canterbury place and what God taught them about Health and Sickness. The little boy understood that your soul needed care as well as your body. When his sister read the bit about how sin was a like the mud at the bottom of a dirty old pond – and how it was only Jesus who could wash that sin away the boy knew he had do something. After they had finished the story the little boy said, ‘I think I would like to be a Christian too.’ His sister told him to go through to his room and pray to God about it. So that’s what he did and it is because of the word of God and its power that he is saved from sin today.

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