What We’re Reading – Royal Company: A Devotional on The Song of Solomon

Royal Company: A Devotional on Song of Solomon by Malcolm MacLeanHere at Christian Focus Publications, we read a lot of books (as you might expect!). We thought our blog readers would enjoy hearing about the books our staff are reading from time to time, so we decided to add a regular blog feature called “What We’re Reading.”

The first contribution to the “What We’re Reading” series on the Christian Focus Booknotes blog comes from our Managing Director, William Mackenzie. William shares about the four men who convinced him of the importance of the oft neglected Song of Solomon.

Four questions –

Q: Who said “The Song of Solomon affords a better test of the depth of a man’s Christianity than any other book in the Bible”?
A: Robert Murray McCheyne

Q: Who said “I would prefer the Song of Solomon above all other books of the Bible for fellowship and communion”?
A: Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Q: Who said “The Song of Songs brings gladness to the heart which is as far beyond the joy of earthly things as heaven is higher than the earth”?
A: Hudson Taylor

Q: Who said, “The Song of Solomon enables me to be greatly engaged to spend my time reading and meditating on Christ.”?
A: Jonathan Edwards

These questions and the individuals who said these things encouraged me to continue to read this book and benefit from the spiritual, encouraging and challenging insights in this often neglected book of the Bible. Enough said to encourage anyone to read Malcolm Maclean’s new book, Royal Company: A Devotional on the Song of Solomon, and benefit from the insights to the Song of Songs.

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