What We’re Reading – Royal Company: A Devotional on the Song of Solomon – Part 2

Royal Company: A Devotional on Song of Solomon by Malcolm MacLeanThe next contribution to the “What We’re Reading” series on the Christian Focus Booknotes blog comes from Derry Brebner, P.A. for our Managing Director.

Malcolm writes in the foreword “And I suspect today that there has been a subtle shift from contemplative religion to a form of Christian activism that is commendable in several ways; yet instead of maintaining a balance between a healthy heart religion and a healthy walk, the heart has been largely jettisoned and we have produced a kind of Christianity that is not as warm as the spiritual life of our forefathers.” It is this very warmth that the reader encounters in the pages of Royal Company. King Jesus’ beauty, fragrance and the warmth of His love pour out through the pages of this book of the Bible and also through the pages of the book, so that you will just wish to sit at His feet in worship and settle for nothing less than that.

Some quotes from the book –

“It is a good way to think of church services as corridors in the king’s palace, and in each of these services we should smell the fragrance of Christ as he comes to meet with us.”

“As the woman sits in the banqueting hall, she looks at the king’s banners and discovers that there is only one announcement: he loves her. Applying this to Jesus, we know that many things of great importance could be written on the banners in his banqueting hall. But all he wants recorded is the he loves his people. The great king, Jesus the Son of God, is not ashamed to erect a banner that says he is in love with sinners and intends to express his love for them.”

“We often anticipate the joy of the believer as he or she enters heaven. However great that joy may be, it is eclipsed by the joy of Jesus in having with him there an individual believer who has not been in heaven before. There are many joys awaiting us in the heavenly experience, and there are many kinds of joy awaiting Jesus, one of them being the individual pleasure and delight he will experience when each believer reaches home.”


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