J. I. Packer Speaking on How He Discovered the Puritans

It’s always exciting to see an interview between two of our authors. In this brief interview, Carl Trueman speaks with J. I. Packer. Topics covered in the video are:

  • Explanation of how Dr. Packer came to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. (00:28 – 4:12)
  • Dr. Packer talks about how he first discovered the Puritans. (4:13 – 8:30)
  • Dr. Packer explains Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ influence on his own life and speaks about his relevance for contemporary evangelicals today. (9:12 – 12:10)
  • Dr. Packer offers advice for younger men in their 20’s and 30’s who are on the ordination track. (12:11 – 15:41)

Be sure to keep a look out this fall for the forthcoming volume,  Puritan Portraits: JI Packer on the Puritans
(UK availability: September 2012, US availability: November 2012) In this book, J. I. Packer gives seven profiles of John Flavel, Thomas Boston, John Bunyan, Matthew Henry, Henry Scougal, John Owen and Stephen Charnock and two closer portraits of William Perkins and Richard Baxter. He shows how voices from so distant an era can be of help to us now. Puritans saw the Christian life as a blend of structured obedience and hope based on the promises of grace sustaining close communion with God. They had a concern for the converting of England to a vital evangelical faith through effective ministry in the parishes. They buttressed their preaching ministry with catechizing and counseling which was a one-on-one ministry to restore spiritual sufferers to peace, hope, joy and renewed energy to serve God. J I Packer looks at this head-line hitting holiness movement, their analytical thoroughness and literary legacy and the Puritan ideal for pastors. Come and join J. I. Packer as he brings alive Puritan literature.

You may also want to consider our Puritan classics series with Introductions by J. I. Packer:
(Currently available in the UK, US availability – July 2012)
Keeping the Heart: How to Maintain your love for God by John FlavelThe Crook in the Lot: Living with that thorn in your side by Thomas Boston The Heavenly Footman: How to get to Heaven by John BunyanThe Pleasantness of a Religious Life: Life as good as it can be by Matthew Henry

(UK availability – September 2012, US availbility – November 2012)
Repentance: Turning from sin to God by Thomas BostonChrist Crucified: The once-for-all sacrifice by Stephen CharnockThe Mortification of Sin: Dealing with sin in your life by John OwenThe Life of God in the Soul of Man by Henry Scougal The Art of Man Fishing:How to Reach the Lost by Thomas Boston

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