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The Shorter Catechism Activity Book: Learning The Truth Through Puzzles by Marianne RossThe Shorter Catechism Activity Book: Learning The Truth Through Puzzles by Marianne Ross
Using the familiar puzzle formats children use in school such as word searches, crossword puzzles and codes this book will help children to work through the Westminster Shorter Catechism – one of the church’s key statements of faith. Not only will they enjoy completing these work sheets; the truths that are presented here will be a strong foundation for their future life. The shorter catechism covers the following important doctrines: God; Sin; Christ; The ten commandments; Baptism; The Lord’s Supper and The Lord’s prayer.

Mary of Orange: At the Mercy of the Kings by Linda FinlaysonMary of Orange: At the Mercy of the Kings by Linda Finlayson
If you saw a girl in tears on her wedding day and then heard that the same girl was the reluctant second in line to the throne you might think she wasn’t strong enough to rule… but you’d be wrong. Mary was a young girl born to privilege, from the Royal line, heir to the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland – and destined to reign herself and change her country. She was brought up to believe in the God of the Bible rather than the fabricated teachings of priests. It was this personal faith that would be her strength as she left her homeland to marry and eventually to rule. After a storm of tears and a rough sea crossing Mary’s marriage to her first cousin became a love match. Both husband and wife trusted God and as the wind of history blew their circumstances and their future was changed dramatically. William and Mary of Orange influenced the religious and political environment of Great Britain and subsequently other democracies in ways that can still be seen today. Their Glorious Revolution resulted in ¬†one of the most important constitutional documents in British history – the Bill of Rights – where the powers of the sovereign were limited and the rights of Parliament and the rules for freedom of speech were set out; liberties that have existed for centuries but still have to be defended.

How to Be a Bible Princess by Catherine MacKenzieHow To Be a Bible Princess by Catherine Mackenzie
If you were a princess you’d have the best wardrobe in the world with new dresses in it every day – and a tiara to match. But is that all there is to being a princess? And what does it mean to be a real Bible princess? Abigail, Jehosheba, Esther and The Queen of the South were women of royalty who honoured God. Pharaoh’s daughter and Michal were princesses who showed bravery but were they true followers of the Lord? Jezebel and Herodias’ daughter are two royal women who did not love God. All their stories are in the Bible and all can teach us in their own way how to be a Bible princess, daughters of the King, women and girls of righteousness.

Eric Liddell: Are You Ready? by Catherine MacKenzie

Eric Liddell: Are You Ready? by Catherine MacKenzie
‘On your marks, get set, Go!’ The race begins and Eric Liddell thunders down the track. The crowd cheers him on. Eric Liddell has spent months preparing himself for the Olympics. But he has also spent years getting ready to serve God. Which is more important – winning a gold medal or honouring Jesus Christ? Can Eric do both?

Mary Slessor; What Is It Like? by Catherine MacKenzieMary Slessor: What Is It Like? by Catherine MacKenzie
Mary Slessor was a fiery young red head who led a tough life. From the slums of Dundee in Scotland she travelled to the wild jungles of Africa. Wherever she went she shared the good news of Jesus Christ. What was it like to work in a jute mill in Dundee or to work amongst warrior tribes in Africa? It was hard work, it was dangerous – but it was also an exciting adventure to be working for God.

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