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The Yankee Officer & the Southern Belle: A Journey of Love across Africa by Nell Robertson ChinchenThis week we have several bloggers participating in a book review blog tour for The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle by Nell Robertson Chinchen. Links to the reviews will appear below as they are available:

“The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle: A Journey of Love Across Africa is an easy, sometimes humorous read for anyone considering the call to the mission field or for any Christian who wonders if God *really* cares. I found it an especially encouraging reminder that God doesn’t forget His children and cares for all the things in our lives, big and small. As someone who has a “soft spot” for Africa, I’m grateful for the work the Chinchens have done in founding the African Bible College to enable its students to one day lead while continuing to spread the gospel over the continent. I highly recommend it.”

“Reading The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle is like having Nell Chinchen in your kitchen, relating her amazing stories over a cup of something warm and cozy… The book also gave me a new appreciation for missionaries, especially the two young families from my church who are serving overseas. Sometimes we here in the US romanticize the mission field. Nell’s story certainly changed my view. The family has survived fires that destroyed their homes, rebel invasions, and the deaths of many who were close to them. Yet through it all, they have seen the goodness of the Lord.”

“A good missionary biography can be an excellent tool to refresh the sheer wonder at the work of God that we as believers should enjoy. Nell Robertson Chinchen’s The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle serves admirably for this. The Chinchen family’s story of spiritual growth from complacent churchgoing to pastoral ministry to pioneering missionary work across Africa offers example after example of God’s radical faithfulness to His obedient servants.”

“From the title The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle, I did not expect a dry, over-spiritualised missionary biography, and I was not disappointed. It was a pleasure to read this well-paced book with its chatty, every-day style. It’s the story of how God called Nell and Jack Chinchen to Himself and then sent them to Liberia as missionaries. Nell writes in such a way that it seems as though she is sitting in the same room with you, telling her life story over a cup of tea…I would highly recommend this book, which is a breath of fresh air on the missionary biography front. I suspect it will feature quite highly on my Christmas gift list this year.”

“The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle is the story of Jack and Nell Chinchen. Both Jack and Nell were raised by families of relative privilege. Through a series of personal surrenders and the providence of God, they end up dedicating their lives to world missions, by serving God as missionaries to Liberia, building the African Bible College there, and starting a radio station. This is the story of their marriage and life together, and the ways that God has guided them through out their lives. I would recommend it for those who like missionary stories or stories about people taking risks based on their faith.”

About the Book:
It began like a fairytale-amidst mint juleps and magnolias in Mississippi. But as their love grew, its fruit flourished and spread to a most unlikely place-across the mission fields of Africa. The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle is the vivid recollection of how God called Nell and Jack Chinchen from the comforts of their “perfect” life to a risky, lifelong journey they would never regret.

More than forty years ago, the Chinchens arrived in Liberia, West Africa, as missionaries. They had left family, thriving ministries and a successful business. Their new life in the jungle would bring perils: tropical diseases, witch doctors, fire and even rebel invasion. Yet joy overflowed in their faithfulness to God’s call-training pastors, teaching children, pioneering medical ministry. And their work wouldn’t stop at the boundaries of their bamboo mission station. As the ministry expanded, God led the Chinchens to establish African Bible Colleges and Radio ABC, sending the Gospel across the continent. Looking back now, as the Chinchens live and work in Malawi, Nell is certain about the author of her story. “Africa,” she says… “the place that God had written on my heart before the foundation of the world.”

About the Author: Jack and Nell Chinchen are founders of the African Bible Colleges in Liberia, Malawi and Uganda.

Where to Buy:
 The Yankee Office and The Southern Belle is available at any good  Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

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