Christian Focus Across The Web – August 24, 2012

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

The Yankee Officer & the Southern Belle: A Journey of Love across Africa by Nell Robertson ChinchenThe Yankee Officer and The Southern Belle Blog Tour – We’ve enjoyed reading all of the reviews coming in this week for The Yankee Officer and The Southern Belle Blog Tour. Below are a couple of highlights:

“From the title The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle, I did not expect a dry, over-spiritualised missionary biography, and I was not disappointed. It was a pleasure to read this well-paced book with its chatty, every-day style. It’s the story of how God called Nell and Jack Chinchen to Himself and then sent them to Liberia as missionaries. Nell writes in such a way that it seems as though she is sitting in the same room with you, telling her life story over a cup of tea…I would highly recommend this book, which is a breath of fresh air on the missionary biography front. I suspect it will feature quite highly on my Christmas gift list this year.”
-Mandy Johnson (

“A good missionary biography can be an excellent tool to refresh the sheer wonder at the work of God that we as believers should enjoy. Nell Robertson Chinchen’s The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle serves admirably for this. The Chinchen family’s story of spiritual growth from complacent churchgoing to pastoral ministry to pioneering missionary work across Africa offers example after example of God’s radical faithfulness to His obedient servants.”
-Justin Lonas (

The full list of reviews is available here: LINK.

John Brand Reviews The Trials of Theology on the Evangelicals Now Blog – Many thanks to the folks at Evangelicals Now for sharing John Brand’s review of The Trials of Theology on their blog. Here’s an excerpt from John’s review:

The process of studying theology is fraught with dangers that need to be faced and navigated. I personally know more than one theological student who ‘lost the plot’ as a result of their studies.

This book is primarily aimed at those engaged in theological studies, but has a wider relevance. The aim is to remind us that ‘the task of theology is to know the unknowable and to describe the unknowable’ and to warn of the danger of ‘substituting intellectual stimulation for genuine spiritual experience’.

John’s full review is available here: LINK.

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