Christian Focus Across the Web – November 2, 2012

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

The Life of God in the Soul of the Church by Thabiti AnyabwileGod’s Life in Your Church’s Soul: Thabiti Anyabwile on Fellowship – Matt Smethurst interviews Thabit Anyabwile about his new book The Life of God in the Soul of the Church on The Gospel Coalition blog. Read the full interview here:  LINK.

Courage and Conviction Volume 3: Chronicles of the Reformation Church by Mindy & Brandon WithrowReformation Readings on the CF4K Blog – In honor of the 395th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church of Wittenburg, we featured a series reformation-themed reading selections on the CF4K blog. Links to each of the blog posts follows below:

John And Betty Stam Missionary Martyrs by Vance Christie Reformation Heroes Today | The Christian Pundit – A recent article on The Christian Pundit blog notes that “the preaching and teaching and sacrifice that came with the European Reformation of the 16th century continues in many non-western countries today.” The article profiles several modern reformation heroes including John and Betty Stam:

“Though this missionary couple are better known since Christian Focus republished the biography in 2008, their story is still not as familiar to the church as it should be. The out of print Triumph of John and Betty Stam is worth looking for: an account written by a contemporary, Mrs. Howard Taylor, shortly after the couple were martyred. One of the most impressive parts of the story is Betty Stam’s decision to love Christ more than her baby and to trust Christ with her baby as she faced execution in a foreign country. The church in the west needs mothers like her.”

The full article is available here: LINK.

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