Today in Church History – November 12, 1660

Ioannes Bunyanus On November 12, 1660 John Bunyan left home to conduct a worship service at the house of a friend. Earlier that year all non-Anglican houses of worship were closed, making Bunyan’s preaching of the gospel illegal. Even though Bunyan had been warned by friends that a warrant was out for his arrest, he went ahead with the service. The service was quickly interrupted by the local constable, who put Bunyan under arrest. John would remain in prison for twelve years. It is during those difficult years in prison that Bunyan discovered his gift of writing. Bunyan is best known for his book Pilgrim’s Progress, which was written during the final part of his incarceration.

If you’re interested in learning more about John Bunyan and his writings, you may want to consider one of the books below:

Grace Abounding: The Life, Books and Influence of John Bunyan by David CalhounJohn Bunyan: Journey of a Pilgrim by Brian CosbyThe Heavenly Footman: How to get to Heaven by John Bunyan

For a list of additional John Bunyan titles available from Christian Focus, visit our website:  LINK.

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