November Book Giveaway – Puritan Portraits by J. I. Packer

About the Book:
Here one of the leading authorities on the Puritans, J. I. Packer introduces us to their rich theology and deep spirituality. Packer gives us profiles of John Flavel, Thomas Boston, John Bunyan, Matthew Henry, Henry Scougal, John Owen and Stephen Charnock and two closer portraits of William Perkins and Richard Baxter. The writings of the Puritans continue to profoundly reward readers and here J. I. Packer brings them alive in an inspiring way to encourage a new generation to experience their delights.

J. I. PackerAbout the Author:
Jim Packer is named by Time Magazine as one of the 25 most influential evangelicals alive. He is the Board of Governor’s Professor of Theology at Regent College, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Terms and Conditions:
The giveaway is limited to residents of the continental United States and the United Kingdom.


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  • Andrew Wencl

    I haven’t read all that many of the Puritans, but I do like Edwards if he can be counted as a late Puritan.

  • ‘Guerite ~ BoldLion

    John Owen is one of my favorite Puritans authors and would love to learn about others too. John Bunyan is another one too. I haven’t yet read John Calvin but a blur of whatever short piece on facebook, blog, twitter or Google+. I would love to get one of his books one of these days.

  • JerSch3x

    Flavel is down-to-earth and readable!

  • Kevin Fiske

    My favorite Puritan author is John Owen.

  • David Norman

    John Owen all day

  • Chris Land

    John Owen

  • Christian Focus

    Looks like most of you favor John Owen as your favorite Puritan author. Besides Owen, who’s your second favorite?

  • Melissa Nixon Jackson

    John Owen

  • Karl Dahlfred

    My favorite that I am familiar with is Richard Baxter because of his practical advice on pastoral visitation and the pastor’s spiritual life. I need to get more familiar with the other Puritans though

  • Phil

    Jeremiah Burroughs!

  • Ryan

    Thomas Watson!