Christian Focus Across the Web – December 7, 2012

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

Puritan Portraits by J. I. PackerDavid Murray Reviews Puritan Portraits – Earlier this week on the HeadHeartHand Blog, David Murray shared his thoughts on Puritan Portraits by J. I. Packer. Here’s a bit of what David had to say:

“What I especially liked about this book was its honesty. Packer recognizes flaws and failings in some of these men’s writings, making them difficult to read at times. However, he also provides practical helps to enable the reader to overlook or overcome these faults, and balance out some of the imbalances.”

“The success of his efforts will be measured by the answer to a simple question: “Did it make you want to read one of the highlighted books?” Judged by such a criteria, it was certainly a success for me.”

Be sure to check out David’s full review at

Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians by Rebecca VandoodewaardOf Cardboard Boxes and Moving Vans: A Review of Rebecca VanDoodewaard’s ‘Uprooted’ – Megan Hill offers a great review of Uprooted: A Guide for Homesick Christians at The Aquila Report. Here’s an excerpt from her review:

“VanDoodewaard’s tone is gracious, but she is not tentative in pointing out the sins that often accompany homesickness: grumbling, laziness, bitterness, discontent. And, in a refreshingly counter-cultural perspective, she admonishes readers to “exert yourself in controlling your emotions” (p. 45,) freely acknowledging that how we feel is our responsibility.”

Megan’s full review is available at

Denise George Ebook SaleI Am My Sister’s Keeper and Fighting Fear with Faith are both available for only $2.99 each (77% savings). Sale prices run through December 14, 2012.

I am my Sister's Keeper by Denise George Fighting Fear with Faith by Denise George

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