Christian Focus Across the Web – February 1, 2013

Christian Focus Across the Web highlights important news and blog posts related to our books. This week’s highlights are below:

Pastoring the Pastor by Tim Cooper & Kelvin GardinerScott Hamilton Reviews Pastoring the Pastor – Earlier this week Scott Hamilton, Senior Pastor Harvest Bible Chapel Glasgow passed along his review of Pastoring the Pastor by Tim Cooper and Kelvin Gardiner. Here’s a bit of what Scott had to say about the book:

“If you are a pastor it will be of significant benefit to read as a reminder to yourself of what you are called to as a pastor. If you are an elder it will encourage you to say helpful and Biblical things to the pastor you serve alongside as well as giving you some insight as to what might be going on in his head and in his heart. If you are involved in mentoring church leaders, part of any regular gathering of pastors or if you have regular contact with a younger pastor and are trying to figure out how best to serve him as he figures things out this book will serve you. It really is a quick and helpful read.”

You can read Scott’s review in its entirety at

Persistently Preaching Christ: Fifty years of Bible ministry in a Cambridge churchWhen the elders say No – Over at the Reformation 21 blog, Paul Levy weighs in on “an exceptional instance of Minister and elders (in this case Church Wardens) working together” as recounted by Mark Ashton in the brand new book Persistently Preaching Christ: Fifty Years of Bible Ministry in a Cambridge Church. Visit to read more.
Genesis: The Beginning of God's Plan of Salvation (Focus on the Bible) by Richard P. Belcher, Jr.Get Genesis: The Beginning of God’s Plan of Salvation for 40% Off at WTS Books – Richard P. Belcher Jr.’s Genesis: The Beginning of God’s Plan of Salvation from our Focus on the Bible commentary series is currently available for 40% off at Westminster Bookstore. Take advantage of this great savings at

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