Christian Focus Across the Web – March 1, 2013

Churches, Revolutions And Empires by Ian J ShawReview of Churches, Revolutions and Empires at Adventures with My Family Blog – Wendi Bevitt shares her thoughts on Churches, Revolutions and Empires by Ian J. Shaw. Here’s a bit of what she had to say:

“Mr. Shaw showed how crucial an era this was all over the world and how people from different walks of life all strived to spread the gospel despite conflicts and barriers they encountered.”

Wendi’s full review is available at

John Knox: The Sharpened Sword by Catherine MacKenzieDanika Cooley reviews John Knox: The Sharpened Sword – Christian author/blogger Danika Cooley is a big fan of the Trailblazers series. Here’s some of what she had to say about the latest addition to the series, John Knox: The Sharpened Sword:

The Sharpened Sword is an excellent addition to any study on the Reformation, or on Scotland. It’s also interesting to read just for a better understanding of Church history.”

You can read Danika’s review in its entirety at

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