Adoniram Judson: Devoted for Life by Vance Christie

Adoniram Judson Devoted for LifeExplore the life of America’s first foreign missionary, Adoniram Judson (1788-1850), who was devoted to serving God for over 38 years in Burma, no matter the cost. The son of a congregational minister, Judson was a precocious young man who aspired to gain exceptional worldly fame through some prominent secular career. But following a crisis of faith and a stunning turn of events that exposed the vanity of mere temporal pursuits, he went on to study for the Christian ministry and to dedicate his life to missionary service. With unshakable faith in God and His Word, Judson persevered through staggering difficulties. His unremitting labor and devotion were used of the Lord to spread the Gospel and to establish healthy Christian congregations throughout Burma. Judson’s example was an inspiration to untold thousands in his own day and still has the power to encourage and instruct believers today.

Vance ChristieAbout the Author:
Vance Christie is a pastor and author best known for vivid retelling of missionary stories. He lives in Aurora, Nebraska and has previously written for the ‘Heroes of the Faith’ series. To connect with Vance, visit his website at

About the History Makers Series:
The History Makers series brings you the best biographies – new works and classics from the past – of key people in Church History. Reading of how great Christians of the past faced trials, made key decisions and saw God’s blessing is an encouragement to us today. God doesn’t change and seeing how He has worked in the past should inspire  us on to serve Him better today.

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