Why I’m Writing the Hidden Heroes Series – A Guest Post by Rebecca Davis

Why I'm Writing the Hidden Heroes Series - A Guest Post by Rebecca Davis

I just finished writing book #5 in the Hidden Heroes series. It’s tentatively titled Lights in a Dark Place: True Stories of God at Work in Colombia.

So now I’ll take some time to tell why I’m writing the series.

First and foremost, these books aren’t supposed to be about “exciting adventures in another land” or “strange coincidences” or even “life lessons from a tribal people.” They are about the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Second, the books generally start with a missionary or missionaries from a Western culture. My primary audience is families from Western cultures, and if the children are anything like I was as a child, they’ll want to read about someone that they can relate to, from a life similar to their own, who leaves that life for the glory of God.

But thirdly, and this is a huge BUT, I emphatically do not want that Western missionary to be a “hero” any more than any of the other Christians in the book are heroes.

Which leads to the next point: I want to emphasize as much as possible, the great national Christians, the ones who will probably never write books, who most often will never even speak outside the boundaries of their own land. I want to show their own sacrifice, their love for God, their burning desire for others to know the great truth of the gospel.

My primary audience is children. But in designing the books as family read-alouds, with questions at the end of each story, my audience really goes beyond the children to include the parents. I’m writing for families who want to be pointed together to the glory of God.

I unabashedly want amazing stories. Because we serve an amazing God. And we need to be often reminded of that great truth.

The heroes are “hidden” in the sense that they aren’t household names, they haven’t already had a dozen books written about them, their names may be known to only a few. But in Glory, as they and we throw our crowns at the feet of Jesus Christ alongside Hudson Taylor and George Mueller, which heroes will really be hidden?

Every one of us, my brothers and sisters. Every one of us.

Rebecca Davis

About Rebecca Davis:
Rebecca Davis is a writer and teacher who lives in Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A. She has written several books for children as well as magazine articles for adults, and loves to speak about the Lord. She and her husband, Tim, have four children. Rebecca blogs at www.heresthejoy.com.

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