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Praise for Adoniram Judson: Devoted For Life:

“Adoniram Judson remains a fascinating individual and a missionary we do well to remember. There is a great deal we can learn from his life and ministry. Vance Christie is an excellent biographer who brings his subject to life in the pages of this book. I highly recommend it.”
Tim Challies, Christian blogger, Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, Toronto, Ontario

Adoniram Judson Devoted for LifeAbout the Book:
Explore the life of America’s first foreign missionary, Adoniram Judson (1788-1850), who was devoted to serving God for over 38 years in Burma, no matter the cost. The son of a congregational minister, Judson was a precocious young man who aspired to gain exceptional worldly fame through some prominent secular career. But following a crisis of faith and a stunning turn of events that exposed the vanity of mere temporal pursuits, he went on to study for the Christian ministry and to dedicate his life to missionary service. With unshakable faith in God and His Word, Judson persevered through staggering difficulties. His unremitting labor and devotion were used of the Lord to spread the Gospel and to establish healthy Christian congregations throughout Burma. Judson’s example was an inspiration to untold thousands in his own day and still has the power to encourage and instruct believers today.

Vance ChristieAbout the Author:
Vance Christie is a pastor and author best known for vivid retelling of missionary stories. He lives in Aurora, Nebraska and has previously written for the ‘Heroes of the Faith’ series. To connect with Vance, visit his website at www.vancechristie.com.


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  • Diane M. Selle Pedrosa

    One of the missionaries that I have been inspired by is Amy Carmichael…missionary to India.
    She went for the right angle, save the babies from being sold for temple prostitution. Also as she lay suffering beyond our comprehension for the last twenty years of her life, she didn’t waste any fragments but used her time to pray and write. We are blessed because of it.

  • Hungry for Membership

    The apostle Paul (if he qualifies as a missionary, which is debated). Also, earlier on, Jim Elliot. And in my personal life, Allen Roth.

  • Timothy Harris

    Other than the biblical missionaries: Hudson Taylor, Adoniram Judson, George Whitefield, David Brainerd, Jim Elliot…

  • Mary M.

    The Mileys who were missionaries sponsored by FreeWill Baptist.

  • http://www.dahlfred.com/blogs/gleanings-from-the-field Karl Dahlfred

    Hudson Taylor, John Paton, and the little-known Daniel McGilvary

  • Persis

    Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, & John Patton

  • Sarah Coutu Howk

    Judson, of course. I attended Judson College (now Judson University) near Chicago. I was blessed to be given the opportunity to go on a mission trip while attending college to Venezuela. I will never forget that trip!

  • http://www.boldlion.blogspot.com ‘Guerite ~ BoldLion

    There are so many different missionaries that does inspire me to live my life for Christ. I can’t really pinpoint which one because they are do inspire me in many different ways. I am thankful for them.

  • Eric C. Redmond

    A. Judson has inspired me for more than two decades by his example of refusing to make preaching about his missionary adventures – which his audiences wished to hear, but instead keeping the focus on Christ.

  • katie

    I have been incredibly encouraged by Don Richardson. He gave over 50 years of his life to a tribal people group in Indonesia, and brought those people the Gospel. I am encouraged by him because he understands that the Gospel is going to be presented very differently in different cultures. By learning the culture of the people he went to, he was able to present the Gospel to them in a way they would understand.

  • Tara Raport

    The apostle Paul.