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Why I Am Not An Atheist by David J. RandallEleven different people travelled on eleven diverse paths to faith in Jesus Christ, and this book is the point where they meet. In Why I Am Not an Atheist, these travellers relate their stories and the reasons why they believe.

What do a CEO, a psychiatrist, a journalist and a missionary have in common? This book is a good place to find out.

Contributors include Ravi Zacharias, Heather Tomlinson, David Robertson, Donald Bruce, Alistair Donald, Henk Drost, Elaine Duncan, Alex MacDonald, Pablo Martinez, Chris Sinkinson, and David Randall.

Praise for Why I Am Not An Atheist:

“Read it, pass it on – then get more copies and repeat the process!”
-John Blanchard ~ Internationally known Christian preacher, teacher, apologist and author

“For the many honest, open-minded sceptics who do want to reasonably weigh all the evidence, this book will be thought-provoking, stimulating and perhaps even life-changing.”
-William Philip ~ Minister, The Tron Church, Glasgow

“The authors faithfully fulfill the apostle Peter’s exhortation to give the reason for the hope that they have in Christ.”
-James Anderson ~ Associate Professor of Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina

David J. Randall

David J. Randall

About the Author:
David J. Randall has been in ministry for more than forty years and is presently locum minister in the newly-formed Grace Church, Dundee. He is Vice-chairman of the Borad of SOLAS – Centre for Public Christianity.

Where to Buy:
Why I Am Not An Atheist: Facing the Inadequacies of Unbelief  by David J. Randall (editor) is available at any good  Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

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