Preaching With Spiritual Power by Ralph Cunnington

Preaching With Spiritual PowerThe nature of the relationship between the Spirit of God and the Word of God has been debated among believers for centuries. Is the Spirit present wherever and whenever the Word is preached?

Ralph Cunnington explores this and in particular the narrow historical theological question of what the Protestant Reformers, in particular John Calvin, actually taught on this topic. With careful and
incisive scholarship, and writing that is both clear and cogent, we travel through this question.

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“… the first book-length treatment of an important issue that has been simmering just under the surface of British Evangelicalism for a number of years… I hope this will not lead to a full-blown controversy, but to a closer examination of the Scriptures.”
-Sinclair B. Ferguson, Associate Preacher, St Peter’s Free Church, Dundee, Scotland

“… stimulating, challenging and timely. It is of great importance that our doctrine of preaching is robust and biblical and I found this volume’s careful assessment of Calvin a great help in achieving these aims.”
-Adrian Reynolds, Director of Ministry, The Proclamation Trust

Ralph CunningtonAbout Ralph Cunnington:
Ralph Cunnington is co-pastor of City Church Manchester. He is a member of the Theological Teams of FIEC and Affinity and editor of Affinity’s theological journal Foundations.

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