Monday Meditations: Sin – Luke 8:43 – J. C. Ryle

Monday Meditations
And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any…
Luke 8:43

A striking picture of the condition of many souls.

We are told that she had been afflicted with a wearing disease for ‘twelve years’, and that she ‘had spent all her living upon physicians’, and that she could not be ‘healed of any’. The state of many a sinner’s heart is placed before us in this description, as in a glass. Perhaps it describes ourselves.

There are men and women in most congregations who have felt their sins deeply, and been sore afflicted by the thought that they are not forgiven and not fit to die. They have desired relief and peace of conscience, but have not known where to find them. They have tried many false remedies, and found themselves ‘nothing bettered, but rather worse’. They have gone the round of all the forms of religion, and wearied themselves with every imaginable man-made device for obtaining spiritual health. But all has been in vain. Peace of conscience seems as far off as ever. The wound within appears a fretting, intractable sore, which nothing can heal. They are still wretched, still unhappy, still thoroughly discontented with their own state. In short, like the woman of whom we read today, they are ready to say, ‘ There is no hope for me. I shall never be saved’.

Let all such take comfort in the miracle which we are now considering. Let them know that ‘there is balm in Gilead’, which can cure them, if they will only seek it. There is one door at which they have never knocked in all their efforts to obtain relief. There is one Physician to whom they have not applied, who never fails to heal. Let them consider the conduct of the woman before us in her necessity. When all other means had failed she went to Jesus for help. Let them go and do likewise.

*Excerpted from Day By Day With J.C. Ryle: A New Daily Devotional of Ryle’s Writings by J.C. Ryle (Christian Heritage, 2011).

J.C. RyleAbout J.C. Ryle:
J. C. Ryle (1816 – 1900) was the first Bishop of Liverpool. He was one of the most authoritative churchmen of his time and his writings have been in constant demand throughout the last hundred years. His popularity was due to his clear and simple style, his longevity due to his being a profound thinker and compassionate pastor.

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