New in the Focus on the Bible Series – John: Jesus Christ Is God by William F. Cook

John: Jesus Christ is God by William F. CookJohn’s Gospel is the mature reflections of the last living apostle. John the apostle wrote this book approximately fifty-five years after the resurrection of Jesus. During those years he had reflected on the words and deeds of Jesus and the result is that the pages of the Gospel contain the seasoned thinking of one of Jesus’ closest friends.

New Testament scholar William F. Cook brings us the latest in the popular Focus on the Bible series. In a lucid and engaging style, he leads us through the Gospel of John.

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William F. CookAbout the author:
William F. Cook has taught New Testament for twenty-four years. For the past fifteen years at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to his teaching, Dr. Cook has been the Lead Pastor at The Ninth and O Baptist Church in Louisville for over fourteen years.

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