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US New Releases – November 2015

Here are all of our November 2015 US new releases at a glance. Click any of the cover images below to learn more.

Christian Focus:

Held in Honor Faith of Our Father Why Everything Matters

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Sin Foundations A Christian's Pocket Guide to Suffering

God is My Strength Precious to God

Christian Focus 4 Kids:

Very First Christmas Mark's Marvellous Book Living Water in the Desert

Trailblazer Evangelists & Pioneers Box Set 1 Trailblazer Missionaries & Medics Box Set 2 Trailblazer Preachers & Teachers Box Set 3

Trailblazer Reformers & Activists Box Set 4 Trailblazer Heroes & Heroines Box Set 5 Trailblazer Arts & Science Box Set 6

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July 15, 1955 – Brother Andrew Makes 1st Visit Behind the Iron Curtain to Visit Persecuted Believers

Brother Andrew Behind Enemy LinesToday marks the 60 year anniversary of Brother Andrew’s first trip behind the Iron Curtain to visit persecuted believers.

If you’d like to introduce your children and grandchildren to the exciting life and work of Brother Andrew, you should pick up a copy of Brother Andrew: Behind Enemy Lines from our Trailblazers series.

About the Book:
In the years before Andrew van der Bijl took the name Brother Andrew, he was no stranger to adventure and intrigue – in fact, he craved it. As a young lad, he was forever getting into mischief, and even risked his life during the Nazi occupation of Holland by setting off fireworks in the faces of German soldiers! Years later, God used this same thirst for danger and excitement as Andrew smuggled Bibles into Communist countries to help the persecuted, underground church and bring light to darkened hearts. Enemy lines and hostile borders mean nothing to God or to Andrew, who still works to assist the persecuted church across the world through the organization he founded, Open Doors.

Read a sample chapter: PDF

Where to Buy:
Brother Andrew Behind Enemy Lines by Nancy Drummond is available at any good  Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

Brother Andrew Behind Enemy Lines Buy Now:

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Featured Review: The Easter Story – Reviewed by Danika Cooley

The Bible does a wonderful job of telling the Resurrection / Easter story. It is, after all, God’s Word. The Bible is all about Jesus. It’s nice, though, to have an illustrated, concise version of the Resurrection story to read to kids. You can’t beat Carine Mackenzie’s prose and faithfulness to the Word.

Here’s what I love about The Easter Story: The Bible Version by Carine Mackenzie (CF4K, 2015):

  • It’s in chronological order. The gospel accounts of Jesus’ last days on earth, trials, crucifixion, resurrection, appearances to believers, and ascension all highlight different aspects of his story. Here they’re all told together. (I thought the narrative about the women finding the tomb required a little interpretation as the biblical accounts tell it a little differently, but I appreciate the way the story Mrs. Mackenzie wove them together.)
  • It’s faithful to the biblical account.
  • There are 21 numbered 2-page spreads, so if you’d like, you can read a small part of the story each day leading up to Easter.
  • It starts with an explanation of God’s plan for salvation and ends with the assurance of eternal life if we trust in Jesus.
  • I really like Carine Mackenzie’s storytelling.
  • Natascia Ugliano’s whimsical pastels are just lovely. (There are no pictures of Jesus, for those who consider that a violation of the second commandment.)


The Easter Story: The Bible Version is a great addition to every Christian family’s library.

This review originally appeared at ThinkingKids

Where to Buy:
The Bible Story: The Easter Version is available at any good  Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

The Easter Story: The Bible Version by Carine MacKenzie  Buy Now:

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US New Releases – March 2015

Here are all of our March 2015 US new releases at a glance. Click any of the cover images below to learn more.

Christian Focus:
Heaven, How I Got Here: The Story of the Thief on the Cross by Colin S. Smith full size image Tough Topics 2: Biblical answers to 25 challenging questions by Sam Storms In Defense of the Fatherless: Redeeming International Adoption and Orphan Care by Amanda Bennett & Sara Brinton
Mea Culpa: Learning from Mistakes in the Ministry by Kyle McClellan A Little Bird Told Me: Everyday Expressions from Scripture by Timothy Cross

Philippians: A Mentor Commentary by Matthew Harmon

The Easter Story: The Bible Version by Carine MacKenzie Children's Stories By J.C. Ryle The Bible Is God's Word by Catherine MacKenzie

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US New Releases – January 2015

Here are all of our January 2015 US new releases at a glance. Click any of the cover images below to learn more.

Christian Focus:

John Knox: Fearless Faith by Steven J. Lawson Spurgeon's Sorrows: Realistic Hope for those who Suffer from Depression by Zack Eswine Mary Slessor: A Life on the Altar for God by Bruce McLennan
And Some Evangelists: Growing Your Church Through Discovering and Developing Evangelists by Roger Carswell

Christian Focus 4 Kids:

Hannah More: The Woman Who Wouldn't Stop Writing by Sarah Allen Frances Ridley Havergal: The Girl Who Loved Mountains by Lucille Travis Lottie Moon: Changing China for Christ by Nancy Drummond
Charles Spurgeon: Prince of Preachers by Christian George John Calvin: After Darkness Light by Catherine MacKenzie Patricia St. John: The Story Behind the Stories by Irene Howat
Martyn Lloyd-Jones: From Wales to Westminster by Christopher Catherwood  Hudson Taylor: An Adventure Begins by Catherine MacKenzie

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New from Mez McConnell: What’s the Point of Life?

Whats the Point of LifeAbandoned by my mother, I was often clueless about my father’s whereabouts, while his girlfriend-a cruel, angry, and violent woman ‘looked after us’. She wasn’t nice and would get angry with us kids and hit us. She would get angry a lot”

You might think that this is just another harrowing story about an excruciating childhood but the difference is that Mez discovered a hope that transformed his life.

Read a Sample (PDF)

Mez McConnellAbout Mez McConnell:
Mez McConnell is the pastor for Niddrie Community Church, near Edinburgh. He is also the Director of 20schemes which is dedicated to revitalising and planting gospel churches in Scotland’s poorest communities. Previously he was a missionary with street kids in Brazil. He is married and has two children.

Other Books by Mez McConnell:
Is There Anybody Out There? by Mez McConnell

Where to Buy:
What’s the Point of Life? by Mez McConell is available at any good  Christian bookstore. If you don’t have a Christian bookstore near you, you may want to consider purchasing a copy from one of the online book retailers listed below:

Whats the Point of Life  Buy Now:


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Rebecca Davis Interviewed on Knowing the Truth with Kevin Boling

Rebecca Davis - Knowing the Truth with Kevin Boling


Rebecca Davis was in studio this week with Kevin Boling to discuss the Hidden Heroes Missionary series published by Christian Focus for Kids. The interview is available to stream or download here:  LINK.

Books in the Hidden Heroes series:

WithTwoHands GoodNewsGoOut Witness Men: True Stories of God at Work in Papua, Indonesia by Rebecca Davis

Return of the White Book Lights in a Dark Place

About Rebecca Davis:
Rebecca Davis lives in Greenville, South Carolina, where she loves to research and write true stories for children and their families about God’s great work all over the world. In schools and churches she presents dramatic storytelling events based on the books she has written. She and her husband have four children and two grandchildren.

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Happy 70th Birthday Carine Mackenzie!

Happy 70th Birthday Carine Mackenzie


Join us in wishing a very special happy birthday to Christian Focus 4 Kids author Carine Mackenzie!

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New Releases From CF4K – July/August 2014

Here’s a list of our latest CF4K releases, now available in the US wherever good Christian books are sold.

God's Story: A Student's Guide to Church History by Brian Cosby Water the Earth: A Student's Guide to Missions by Aaron Little When God Says It - He Does It: Bible Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus by Carine MacKenzie

Colour the Psalms Book 4 Mercy by Carine MacKenzie Colour the Psalms Book 3 Joy by Carine MacKenzie Colour the Psalms Book 2 Comfort by Carine MacKenzie Colour the Psalms Book 1 Guidance by Carine MacKenzie

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Sword Play – A Guest Post by Linda Finlayson

Wielding the SwordSwords have been used in many centuries as the soldier’s weapon. Today we might still use them in special settings like Renaissance Fairs or martial arts training schools. Some people like to have them on display on their walls like an art piece. Even though swords are no longer considered an important weapon, people are still interested in them. There is a ‘romance’ or fascination about them.

In times before guns, tanks and missiles, a soldier began early to learn how to handle and care for his sword. Since sharp swords can quickly injure a person, the new recruit began his training with a wooden sword. He learned the important steps to fighting an opponent while protecting himself from injury. He practiced how to correctly draw his sword from its scabbard, making sure to draw it away from his body. Next he learned how to stand, with muscles relaxed, his feet placed solidly on the ground. If he lost his balance at any time during the fight, he could be in real danger. Not only did he learn to use his body correctly, mastering how to thrust and parry, but he also learned to use his mind. He had to assess his situation, looking for obstacles like rocks or trees that could get in the way. He had to check where the sun was and where to stand to keep it out of his eyes. He also assessed his opponent: was he experienced or a beginner? was he angry and impetuous, or calm and ready for battle? Above all he learned how to plan a strong defence, without taking unnecessary chances to defeat his opponent.

Once the trainee is ready for a real sword, he learned how to care for it. The weapon could only be useful if he kept it sharpened. He also oiled his blade to prevent it from rusting, polished it to remove any scratches, and, of course, kept it clean and dry. It had be hung up when not in use and not stored in leather or other types of scabbards. Having mastered all the steps to successfully using his sword, the most important thing for him to do was practice, practice, practice. As the blade needs oil to prevent rust, so the soldier continued drilling to keep his skills from getting rusty.

God’s Word the Bible is compared to a sharp sword in Hebrews 4:12:

For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

God’s Word is sharp like a sword, and in fact even sharper. Where a sword can cut off a person’s arm, God’s Word can cut even deeper into us, into our very thoughts and plans. When we read the Bible the words act as a sword, piercing our hearts, showing us God in his holiness and us in our sinful condition. As those words penetrate our mind and heart we begin to understand God’s hatred of sin and his great compassion for his wayward creatures. So much love he had for us that he provided a way to deal with our sin in a just way and offer us eternal life. But God’s Word doesn’t stop there. It is full of promises and commands about how to live now and what we can look forward to in the future. There is no other book that can do all that.

As Christians we are armed with our sword, God’s Word. And like soldiers we need to learn how to use it and care for it. We need to learn how to understand what it says. This is where our ministers and teachers become part of our training. We need to pay attention to the preaching and teaching we receive at church and in our homes. We need to think and pray about what we learn. And we need to be ready to share with others what God says in his Word. We need to read it every day, like the soldier who practices to keep his skills ready for use.

God has provided many men and women throughout history who have guarded God’s Word by translating it correctly into many languages, and have wielded or used God’s Word to teach and preach the Gospel. And it hasn’t always been an easy job. Men like John Chrysostom, who had to stand up to an empress, ended up in exile, or John Hus, who encouraged people to read the Bible for themselves, was killed for his preaching. Women like Mary Lyon worked long and hard to convince people that women should be educated in God’s Word so they could become missionaries and teachers. To learn more about God’s Swordsmen and women, check out Wielding the Sword just published by CF4K.

Today, many continue to teach and preach God’s Word so that we might know the truth. Each new generation needs to hear correct doctrine and be taught to guard against believing in heresies. The Apostle Paul uses the picture of a Christian putting on armour in Ephesians 6:16-18a:

In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one; and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.

Preachers and teachers must use the Bible, God’s Word, as a sword, wielding it in their preaching and teaching so that all might know The Truth.

Linda Finlayson, author 2010About Linda:
Linda Finlayson is a Canadian living in the Philadelphia area of the USA. She has enjoyed working with children in schools, churches and children’s clubs. Bringing together her love of books, children and history has given her the opportunity to write the adventure stories of real people. Linda is married and has one son.

A full list of Linda’s books published by Christian Focus 4 Kids is available here:  LINK

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