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New Release — Magnify the Lord: Luke 1:46-55 by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The incarnation of God’s son is a sheer wonder. Mary responded to the message from the angel about the forthcoming birth of her Savior, with a beautiful song of praise. Her words were profoundly deep and with such feeling – truly an experience which affected her inner being. She praised God for His character and for keeping His promises even when circumstances seem to contradict the coming of the long awaited Messiah.

In Magnify the Lord Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones meditates on Mary’s song of praise and applies it to our lives. He looks at how God deals with us and at our response to God. We find that the new birth is all of God and nothing of ourselves, yet He is ever gracious towards us. These meditations will provide excellent devotional reading in the days leading up to celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.

This book should be available through your local Christian bookstore. Here are some of the places where you can purchase this book online:

The book is also available in an Amazon Kindle e-book edition.

Learn more about this title at ChristianFocus.com.

About the Author:
Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981) was born in Wales. He was a dairyman’s assistant, a political enthusiast, debator, and chief clinical assistant to Sir Thomas Harder, the King of England’s Physician. But at the age of 27 he gave up a most promising medical career to become a preacher.

When a spiritual history of the 20th Century comes to be written, it will be bound to include mention not only of the far-reaching influence of Dr. Lloyd-Jones’ ministry at Westminster Chapel in London, England from 1938-68, but of the remarkable fact that his published volumes of expository sermons have had an unprecedented circulation for such material, selling in the millions of copies.

Click here for a list of all the available Christian Focus titles from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Praise for Magnify the Lord:

“If we will listen to her, and sing with her, we can grow to see the offspring of the woman in all his might and all his fragility, in his justice and in his mercy. This book will drive you to that Virgin’s Song-and beyond it, to the gospel, in ways you don’t expect by walking you through the tension between Bethlehem and Armageddon. In the end, I decided not to take a break from Revelation for Christmas. And it was the Magnificat that changed my mind, for many of the reasons the great Lloyd-Jones lays out with such clarity in this book. The Mother of our Lord set the tone when she sang of God’s mercy to his people, of his faithfulness to his covenant promises.”

Russell D. Moore ~ Dean of the School of Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

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New Release — Radical Love in a Broken World by Ron Nikkel

Radical Love in a Broken World by Ron NikkelRon Nikkel, like many in Prison Fellowship International, stepped out from his comfort zone to share the message that God cares even in places of conflict, pain and guilt. He seeks to present the message that Jesus had also gone through intense, severe, undeserved suffering yet did not retaliate.

In Radical Love in a Broken World, you can read the amazing story of how these radical believers dared to make a difference in a very broken world. With short chapters and numerous brief encounters with prisoners all around the world, Nikkel paints a poignant picture of how broken this world can be, and how radical, Christian love can make a difference in amazing and powerful ways.

Speaking of the story Ron tells in this book, he says:

“In more recent years I had taken a small risk of faith by becoming involved with Prison Fellowship International, and for some reason I found myself increasingly captivated by the examples of men and women who, even amid extreme difficulty and danger, followed Jesus in the way of justice, mercy, and truth regardless of personal cost and threat of opposition. That’s why I am here, I remembered. The people I had come to see were daily risking their lives reaching out to petty criminals and terrorists and helping their families in the name of Jesus.”

To read the book’s prologue and for ordering information, visit the book detail page at ChristianFocus.com.

About the Author:
Ron Nikkel is the President of Prison Fellowship International, a global association of national Prison Fellowship organizations. Their mission is to mobilize and assist the Christian community in its ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims and their families. Ron has traveled extensively and visited more than 1,000 prisons in 120 countries. There he has witnessed the transformation that can take place in people’s lives when they finally face up to reality. He has seen the transforming power of a compassionate, loving Heavenly Father. Ron is a Canadian and resides in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, with his wife Celeste.

Praise for Radical Love:

“I have known Ron Nikkel as a friend and ministry companion for thirty years and I marvel at his faithful service.”
~ Philip Yancey, author of What’s So Amazing about Grace?

“Ron sees life through God’s eyes and writes elegantly.”
~ Chuck Colson, author, former chief counsel to President Nixon and chairman of Prison Fellowship

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New Release — The Good News Must Go Out (Hidden Heroes) by Rebecca Davis

From one old woman’s prayer a young girl was brought to faith, a missionary was sent to Africa and then a church was born among the people of The Central African Republic. A new book in the Hidden Heroes series, by Rebecca Davis traces the spread of the Gospel among cannibal tribes in the heart of Africa.

Written for children ages 6-12, The Good News Must Go Out: Stories of God at Work in the Central African Republic focuses on missionary Margaret Nicholl Laird and others who came from the West with the message of Jesus Christ. However, it was the men and women saved from cannibalism who took the Good News to the villages and homesteads of Africa. Although the stories in this book are based on Margaret Laird’s own personal reminiscences like Davis’ earlier Hidden Heroes book, With Two Hands, this book focuses on the national missionaries — the people of Africa who came to Christ and felt the burning longing in their own hearts to take the gospel to those around them.

The book comes adorned with eye-catching, black and white illustrations by Fred Apps. It also includes Bible verses and discussion questions in a “thinking further” section in the back of the book.

About the Author:
Rebecca Davis is a writer, teacher and storyteller who lives in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. She has written several books for children as well as magazine articles for adults, and loves to speak about the Lord. She and her husband, Tim, have four children. Rebecca also blogs at www.heresthejoy.com.

About the Hidden Heroes series:
Hidden Heroes is a series of books designed for family read-alouds, telling true stories about God’s work in different countries around the world. The first two books in the series, With Two Hands: Stories of God at work in Ethiopia, and The Good News Must Go Out: Stories of God at Work in the Central African Republic, were both written by Rebecca Davis.

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New Release: Jungle Doctor’s Fables by Paul White

Children are mesmerized by stories of all kinds, but especially animal tales. Talking animals and their adventures are sure to grab the attention of little ones everywhere. So when Australian missionary doctor Paul White, also known as the Jungle Doctor, mixed Christian life lessons in with tales about African animals and their escapades, the result was a series of books that captured the hearts of Christian young people everywhere.

With Jungle Doctor’s Fables, Dr. White aimed his tales at younger children. Ideal for ages 5 to 11, the books are animal tales told around the campfire, usually, by Daudi (“David”) Mbogoni, White’s friend and assistant from his time in Tanzania. The stories have a lesson to teach, and a “What’s Inside the Fable?” section follows each story. A Bible passage is also given which makes these stories suitable for family devotions.

The tales themselves are  lively and fun. They draw the attention and interest of young children and allow the fable’s message to sink home. Consider the blurb from the back cover of the first Jungle Doctor’s Fable book:

There was once a monkey who didn’t believe in crocodiles — but that didn’t make any difference when he met one in the middle of the night on the banks of the Great River. There was another monkey who tried to pull himself out of a bog by his whiskers; all that was left of him was two small bubbles on top of the mud. And as for the snake who thought he could staal the egg of Kuku the hen without being found out — well, he had been warned!

The new Christian Focus editions of this series come in a kid-friendly, convenient size, with an attractive, bright and colorful cover. The original black-and-white illustrations by Graham Wade are included and adorn page after page. Each book in the series has between 8 and 12 short chapters, with a glossary at the end. Readers ages 7-11 should be able to read the books independently, but younger children will enjoy having these stories read to them.

Here are the titles that make up this six book series. Click on the picture of each title to see the Christian Focus product page with additional info and an opportunity to purchase the book.

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