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New Release — God Made Books by Catherine Mackenzie

The “God Made” books by Catherine Mackenzie are bright colored, board books for children ages 0-3. Each book teaches children how God made the food they enjoy, the water they use, the weather they experience, or the time in their day. The books include a Scripture verse as well as a “Thank You” prayer to God. The pictures by illustrator Andy Robb are engaging, and the board books are the perfect size for little hands. These books offer an opportunity for parents to teach young children about the world, and the One who made everything in it.

To see all eight titles (so far) in the “God Made” series click here.

About the Author:
Catherine Mackenzie has written several biographies for young children as well as compiling the Bible Art series on key words from the Bible. She lives in Scotland and has several nieces and nephews – a perfect practice audience!

See Catherine Mackenzie’s author profile here at Christian Focus BookNotes for more info. You can also see a listing of all her books (more than 80), here.

New Titles in the “God Made” series:

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New Release — Radical Love in a Broken World by Ron Nikkel

Radical Love in a Broken World by Ron NikkelRon Nikkel, like many in Prison Fellowship International, stepped out from his comfort zone to share the message that God cares even in places of conflict, pain and guilt. He seeks to present the message that Jesus had also gone through intense, severe, undeserved suffering yet did not retaliate.

In Radical Love in a Broken World, you can read the amazing story of how these radical believers dared to make a difference in a very broken world. With short chapters and numerous brief encounters with prisoners all around the world, Nikkel paints a poignant picture of how broken this world can be, and how radical, Christian love can make a difference in amazing and powerful ways.

Speaking of the story Ron tells in this book, he says:

“In more recent years I had taken a small risk of faith by becoming involved with Prison Fellowship International, and for some reason I found myself increasingly captivated by the examples of men and women who, even amid extreme difficulty and danger, followed Jesus in the way of justice, mercy, and truth regardless of personal cost and threat of opposition. That’s why I am here, I remembered. The people I had come to see were daily risking their lives reaching out to petty criminals and terrorists and helping their families in the name of Jesus.”

To read the book’s prologue and for ordering information, visit the book detail page at ChristianFocus.com.

About the Author:
Ron Nikkel is the President of Prison Fellowship International, a global association of national Prison Fellowship organizations. Their mission is to mobilize and assist the Christian community in its ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims and their families. Ron has traveled extensively and visited more than 1,000 prisons in 120 countries. There he has witnessed the transformation that can take place in people’s lives when they finally face up to reality. He has seen the transforming power of a compassionate, loving Heavenly Father. Ron is a Canadian and resides in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, with his wife Celeste.

Praise for Radical Love:

“I have known Ron Nikkel as a friend and ministry companion for thirty years and I marvel at his faithful service.”
~ Philip Yancey, author of What’s So Amazing about Grace?

“Ron sees life through God’s eyes and writes elegantly.”
~ Chuck Colson, author, former chief counsel to President Nixon and chairman of Prison Fellowship

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